Thursday, June 7, 2007

What is Beauty?

Caution: Long Read and Few Pictures. Only for the intellectuals. HA HA HA!

WHAT IS BEAUTY? defines beauty as this:
"the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest)."

Let us take a look at some of the responses I got from various ones. Not all are good definitions but nevertheless, it gives me the idea how people viewed beauty in general.

One person feel that:
"beauty=Charisma= confidence=knowing who u r= LOVE YA SELF"

A few stated the obvious:
"beauty = good personality + good looks"
"beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

One dude was really honest:
"beauty=dark, thin, small and curvy" LOL

One bitter man said this:
"beauty... it used to be someone but now it's not? it used to be mine but someone stole it?"
He even went further and said this:
"it used to be fine but it turned into some slime?"

Ok larh, I shouldn't laugh at other people's misery but I applaud my friend's creativity and honesty. *CLAPS*

A good and detailed answer I got is this:
"beauty.... it could be a breathtaking sunrise...a beautiful picture, a beautiful girl, not necessary visual. I consider real love itself beautiful. And also music or a well choreographed dance...
To me, beauty is whatever that tugs at my heart, or triggers an emotion of yearning or longing and a sense of admiration and awe."

Well said.


I believe everyone is really beautiful inside.

The problem is that nowdays no one bothers to bring out the inner beauty that is within them, and no one bothers to know and see the inner beauty of others.

What everybody knows and sees, is the obvious physical beauty/appearance.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with people wanting to be beautiful on the outside.
In fact, if possible I will like to be more GORGEOUS on the outside by 1000 times more. (even though i am super gorgeous now, but you know that michelle-ism is never satisfied. hahahhaha!)

What I am afraid is that people are forgetting that beauty is not just on the outside, but inside as well. And they forget that inner beauty is always more beautiful and glorious than physical beauty, and chose to ignore the former.

What is inner beauty then?

A simple definition to me is that it is the story behind every single person.

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You don't have to be a Mother Theresa to consider being beautiful on the inside.

Nor do you need to force yourself to do charity work or donate lots of money to various organizations to prove that you are beautiful inside (though it is still good to give)

Being beautiful on the inside is simply just being the person God wants you to be.

No pretense, not trying to be someone else, not trying to gain the approval from other people.

Everyone has a story. And in every story, there are many ups and downs.
It won't be interesting to read if everything is good and smooth sailing yar?

This is what makes a story beautiful... failures, tribulations, and eventual triumph over evil, overcoming all odds...

AND every story book desires to be read, desires to have great reviews and responses from the readers. But many times, people just ignore the content and just focus on the cover.

Not many will admit to it, but most people (myself included) will first be drawn to books that have a more colorful and beautiful cover. Likewise towards human beings.
Even the Bible says that
men look at the outward appearance.


But what is the purpose of a book?
It is to be read right? *duh*
What's the point of being a book if people do not read you or appreciate the content?

Sure you may be popular, and many people will want to buy you because you look really good.
But your purpose is never fulfilled if no one actually bother to read what's inside you.

Similarly, as human beings, we all have a story to tell.
And I believe we have a desire to share... a desire to let others know the real person inside the outer shell... the good, the bad, the happy, the sad... everything...

More importantly we desire that there will be someone who will not only read the story of our lives, but will appreciate and enjoy the content of the story and say "wow, this is a great book!"

Isn't that great?

But the frustrating thing is that it's hard to find someone who will even take the time and effort to read the story of your life.
Sometimes, that includes even the ones that are the closest to you.


Actually all these years of my life, there is not one who truly understands and takes the time to know who I really am inside.
There are those who attempted a little, choosing to read only certain chapters and not getting the full story...
And there are those who just like to look at the cover, or at the most, the content page.
Many are contented just to have a nice book to put on the bookshelf but unwilling to sit down and take the time to read it.

I am not trying to say I am very good looking on the outside, but well i can safely say I am considered quite attractive to many guys *whistles* and while that is flattering and great, its annoying and sad when no one is bothered to know the story that I desire to share.


Why am I sharing all these things?
I am sharing because I feel that we are losing the ability to enjoy another person.
In fact, I feel many of us are losing the ability to even enjoy your own self!


Take for example, you see a beautiful sunset

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For most people, the first response will be like "WOW!! It's so beautiful!!!"

But to me, sometimes it feels that it is something more than just a beautiful sight... you'll feel that it is almost speaking to you!
I am not sure how many of you who are reading this can understand what I am talking about, but for me, I do not just like to look at beautiful sceneries, I like to "feel" and relate to them.

Call me crazy... or melancholic... wadever... its a surreal and indescribable feeling...

One of my favorites is watching rain (not the korean singer larh!)... to stand and observe how it started, how it became bigger and bigger... and finally how it ended.

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Wahh..michelle, why are you so gloomy?? NO.... I AM NOT!!!
In fact, its really a warm feeling inside... you gotta experience yourself to understand what the heck I am talking about.. haha.. =)

In case you think I am a sadistic fool, another favourite of mine is standing in the midst of a beautiful, colorful garden of bright flowers.
I love flowers, I love colors and I love the sun! Combine these 3 and you'll get a beautiful garden! (I am sure I will enjoy the Garden of Eden =))

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Ask yourself this: if someone were to read your story, will it be an interesting read?
Or will it be dull and boring?
Do YOU yourself enjoy reading your own story??
Is your story original and unique (as what God has intended to be) or is your story just a copycat of another?

Another food for thought: Whose story have you read and understood?
For those who are attached or married, have you read your other half's story?
You have never loved a person, unless you love him/her as a whole.
(How about God's story aka the Bible? Have you really take time to read and appreciate the manifold wisdom of God? It's amazing I tell you!)

One day, I believe someone will read my story, to appreciate, to cherish and to love and finally to be co-writers of the sequels of my very exciting and wonderful journeys of life.
AWWWWWWWWWWWW *grins* (i am soooooo romantic man! hahhahaha!)

And I believe those of you who have patiently read until here... your story will be read and appreciated by others too!
So start living out your story now!
Don't just be focus on building the cover cos it is NOT that interesting in the end! (I mean interesting can a cover be right???)

Last but not least..........................................

Grab a "book" today! :)

----The End----

P.S Thanks for reading and waiting patiently for this entry. Though it is not so humorous and witty as my previous posts, this is another side of michelle-ism which I hope is an interesting and informative read for you! (Pirates of the CarrotBin gotta wait... looking for actors..hee)

Also, I will try to blog more often but like i always say.........