Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All About Love Part II: Your Definition of Love

Just call me Love Guru...

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After browsing a few websites, I came across some interesting definitions of love.
Some are good, some bad, some ridicuous.

And because I am a certified love guru (see picture below), I shall gave some comments on each and every one of them .... for free!!!!

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You may say "Almighty Love Guru, that is insane!!! For every advice of love you gave, you could earn like thousands of dollars... and you are actually blogging down for everyone to see for FREE????"

Yes, because I believe in filling the world with love.
Yes, I am THAT great.


Definitions of Love from the world (not from Love Guru... wait for Part III: Love Guru's Definition of Love)

The Bad

"Love is never having to say you're sorry"
LG: On the contrary, saying sorry is part of the love package. To naively think that in true love there is never a need to say sorry (because its perfect) is foolishness.

"Love is a dangerous drug: You cant get enough of it"
LG: This seems true but it is not really in a sense. Because drugs only make you feel high but you are actually weakened while love only strengthens and make you stronger.

"Love is being a slave" (as illustrated)

LG: Love sets you free, nuff said.

The Ridiculous

"Love is a lousy tennis score"
LG: That is almost like saying love is love. Like super duh. -__-

"Love is a hot ass in a tight pair of jeans"
LG: I'm like rolled my eyes to the fullest. How superficial can one gets? Yet this definition stands true to many.

"Love is sold annually on February 14th"
LG: You can't sell love. Though I agreed that many shops (esp flowerists) took advantage of this day to earn lots of money, nevertheless any excuse to celebrate love in a big way rocks!
Love is never about scrimping you scrooge!!

The Typicals

"Love is the happy side of needing"
LG: To be able to need someone and not be living independently on yourself is a beautiful thing. But sad to say that many people have swinged to both sides of the extreme - either to become too needy (no vision for own life) or too independent (I live for myself only)

"Love is staring into each other eyes, oblivious to the surroundings"
(as illustrated)

LG: A fantastic experience, to be able to stare into the eyes of the one you love. You will see a lot, more than the reflection of yourself.

The Good

"Love is the difference between you and me and us"
LG: In a relationship, you know it is love when we start to think as "us", "we", "our" rather than "me" and "I" all the time.
When you learn how to live 2 separate lives as one, that is love.

"Love is being vulernable to the one you love"
LG: In other words, to be fragile and easily broken. To love even when it hurts.

"Love is the inability to be content without the contentment of another."
LG: Rather than being happy first, wanting others to be happy first is love.

TO SUMMARISE... Love is a sacrifice, putting others before yourself.


I agree even as a professional love guru, it is difficult to achieve such a selfless love.
All of us grew up learning that love is for personal gain and to reverse that thinking needs much effort and self-crucifying.

But as we gave up a bit of our "flesh" and our so called "identity" and to love sacrifically, you will realized you actually gain more than you lose.
It is difficult, but it can be done... bit by bit... step by step.

Maybe right now you feel that you are a lousy lover but the good news is no one is born an expert in loving (yes, me the love guru included)

So don't compare yourself with people like Mother Teresa, your mother or me.
Change yourself to be a better person one step at a time.
Don't wait for the right person, be the right person yourself!!


To end of this Part II, Let me give you some tips on how to love


1) Sit down in a quiet environment
2) Think and write down a list of how you will like to be loved

(e.g. To receive words of affirmation)
For this step, be as specific as possible.
3) Do what you have written in your list to others

After you have willingly love others from your list, you have officially learnt how to love the way you like to be loved. This is the most basic kind of love.

4) Think and write down a list of how your partner will like to be loved
(e.g To receive flowers)

Be as specific and write as many you can.
You also need to do your research from observation, his/her friends, his/her blogs and of course from the person (but usually they wun say in details)
5) Separate the things that you have no problems with (e.g. simple things like buy a small gift) and the things that you find very hard to do (e.g. Using the money you have saved up (for yourself) to do something that will benefit him/her as well)
6) Do the list which you have no problems with

Once step 6 is mastered, you have learnt how to love the way your partner desired to be love, but that is not all...

7) Do the things on the list of sacrifices

This is the final step, and the purest form of love. Agape love that is.

If you have reached this final step, I can assure you that you have actually lived your life, and not merely existing.

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Live To Love!!

P.S All About Love Part III: The Guru's Definition will consists of interesting past and current definitions from the Guru herself plus weird/funny real life testimonies and examples.
Stay tuned!

From Previous Blog: Being Simple Is Complete

HeLlo.mY nAmE iS mIcHeLle. i Am sIxTeEn YeArS oLd pLuSz SeVeNz YeArSz.

Do you know people who type like that? This leads me to the conclusion that humans are complex creatures.

Simple sentences like this will cause them to lose their ability to type and hence changing the CAPS now and then gives them the confidence and feeling of typing.

Man, I didn't know even typing has dynamics! This is huge. O___O

But aside from typing, you see 'complexity' in the lives of human beings everywhere you go.
It is like a trend? Or juz another way to attract attention?

Take for example the Da Vinci Code, it is so popular because it complicates a simple matter to something very controversial and complicating.I mean imagining that Jesus was married to Mary (not His mother duh!) is quite an ultimate. *salute man!

But people still buy the story. Why? Because there is something more than meets the eye... or so they were made to believe.

The same reason why "made believe" supernatural stuff attracts people. Cults, black magic etc intrigues people because we just like to know the unknown.

When I was young, like most kids, I like to pretend to be someone I am not. Most of the time, I like to fantasize having magical powers (mainly mind reading & ability to teleport) I even tried to focus my 'energies' to teleport but failed. At extreme times, I will think that I am actually God here on earth for a mission (serious!)

But when comes to reality, many of us are disappointed. Sometimes too disappointed to recognize the precious simplicity that God has intended for us.

In music, we always say less is more.
In life, i will say Being Simple is Complete.

When God creates the world, it was in order and simple.
By simple i do not mean lousy or no standard. By simple I meant nothin is in lack.

When there is nothing lacking, there is no asking for more. And since what God creates is perfect, there is no lack, everything was simple.

It's when we try to complicate things then things start to go wrong. (Eve thinking there's more by eating that fruit!!!)

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhyyy then do we complicate things?
You ask me? I can only say becos we live in a broken down world. I am also guilty of complicating things when they are simple. You can say I am a complicated person (wait a min, didnt you say that about yourself too?!?!)

Deep down of deepest, I still love things when they are simple. Pure, complete & whole.
What about you?

All About Love Part I: Introduction

L-O-V-E, the most complex yet simple word in the entire world.

Many has fallen because of this word, but yet many will still die for this word.

What is it about LOVE that everyone is so crazeee about?

What does it do to us that keeps us wanting for more???


Well first of all, let's us ponder on the definition of love.

The Bible's description in 1 Cor 13 (NIV) is as follows:
Love is patient,
Love is kind.
It does not envy
It does not boast,
It is not rude
It is not self-seeking
It is not easily angered
It keeps no record of wrongs
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Later on in the chapter it goes on to say Faith, Hope and Love will remain when everything ceases, but LOVE is the greatest among all.
This is the definition of what agape love, or the love of God means, and it is the greatest thing of the whole Universe.

Some people, when they read the verses, their hearts begin to fail, as they are so far from what love really is. Some, or rather MOST, brushes away that definition aside thinking that only God can love in such a way.

Well just like the 10 commandments, those verses serve as a guide to remind us how far away we are and thus to seek after God to help us even to love.
Yes God can give you the grace to love. And I want to be free to love in God's way!

Before sin entered the world, Adam and Eve knew how to love.
Maybe you argued saying well they are perfect... my friends, they are not perfect, they are just pure (without sin)
So even before God puts His salvation plan into action, love has already existed in mankind. He allowed us to have our own definition of love (as long it is pure)

And that will be my topic for Part II: Your definition of love.
I am going to share some weird definitions and some really touching and inspiring ones~ if you have any, do write in too!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

welcome to my world... or rather home...

its 1:17am ... arghh... and I am not asleep yet...

my mind is very active now... michelle-ism juices are flowing through my ears, eyes and mouth...

I daydream alot... alot is an understatement in fact... but i couldn't help it... my excellent mind is too active... its almost like a curse...o____O
As a result, my attention span is short and actually I thought of doing at least 3 other things because I was bored already typing a few sentences in this blog...

BUT I am going to persevere!!! michelle-ism will impact the whole world in the future...!!! I must preserve the memories of the most complex and exciting mind of all times...!!!

(of cos i am joking... i am one of the most boring people in the world)

anyway back to daydream... one thing i never fail to dream about... is my future home. in fact, i started to dream of my future home since i have the ability to think for myself.

in fact, i think i have rather high taste since young (of coz, what do you expect from michelle-ism???)... as i often frown at my parents' choice of furniture and layout of the house (i still do)
therefore i dream of my perfect home like ALL the time... because i really really really really don't like the place I am living now (in terms of looks... i love my family!!!)

Do you play the game SIMS? that is like my favorite PC game since Minesweeper (alright lar, i m not a gamer)
And no... i don't adore the game because I am a sadist who likes to control lives.
I love the game because I can build houses and buy all sorts of furniture, wallpaper, gadgets, decorations etc for my house.

With the help of SIMS 2 (and online search), I came up with the rough sketch of how I hope/wish my future home will be like...

Let's start with the first room we'll see once we entered the house...

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It will be simple yet artistic... i like the color combination of red,white and black for the living room (plus a touch of greenish from the plants)
I believe my future living room will look almost like the picture, except for the weird looking flowery pillows (will put silky red and black pillows), and the TV will be at eye level, instead of looking down.

Next, we'll have the DINING ROOM

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As you can see, the color combination is almost identical to the living room. This is because these 2 rooms are closely connected to each (possibly without any walls in between) and therefore to choose another theme is ridiculous (to me)

However the walls will be covered with rough grey wallpaper to indicate a softer approach. Afterall, the dining room should not overshadow the living room.
My actual dining room will not be that big (as in the picture)

Unfortunately I could not find any nice kitchen layout from the web (maybe kitchen is too unimportant) so what I can say is the theme will be totally different from the living room and dining room.
It will be very domestic yet elegant, practical yet aesthetical... a totally different feel from the living/dining room.

Nevermind, let's move on to the QUIET TIME/READING ROOM

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Alright, this layout is totally irrelervant

But the theme is perfectly ideal... its like once you enter into this room, warmth will filled this entire place.
Because of the irrelervacy of the items in this picture, let me describe to you what my future study/quiet time room will have.

- Big Book Shelf (dark brown)
- Piano
- Drum set
- Instead of sofas, big soft cushions will be laid in one corner (most likely for comfort during quiet time)
- Hi-fi with great speakers

Alright, let's move on... BATHROOM

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I know I know... this is too extravegant. The marble walls are too much.
But apart from the marble walls (which any smooth wall surface will do), this bathroom layout is quite ideal.
Just need to add a shower (same place as the bathtub), a full length mirror and decrease the size of the room by 30%.
Bathrooms are extremely important to me. The most important room to me... after bedroom of course. Of course for this layout, we are talking about the master bedroom's bathroom.
The other toilets will just have a similar theme without the bathtub (just the shower) and a much smaller space.
FINALLY, we have come to the final and most important room...

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Okay, ignore the teapot and the books on the floor. Let's focus on the beauty of this room.
The theme is excellent. It flows with the living room and the quiet time room. It is kinda in the middle of the warmth theme and elegant theme. Fantastic!
The chair however, is off flow and too low class. A softer/warmer looking chair will replace that green chair and the chair is actually facing an unique looking huge mirror (for me to do my hair and make up daily)
The fish tank is a bit too off in a sense $$$ wise, and it is weird to sleep with other living things looking at you... so in place of that will most likely be a great painting or interesting decorations.
Well that is all for my dream home!! It's very simple... no many storeys, no swimming pools, no weird stuff... just simple and basic with a touch of elegance and warmth.
Just thinking of it makes me feel so happy... :)
It shall come to pass one day!

Monday, November 20, 2006

michelle-ism 's first anointed post


michelle-ism... that is like the most cool -ism in the whole Universe!!!

i am glad i coined this marvellous word... in a few years time, this word will be associated with words like beauty, art and poise.

it is true... dun you dare to doubt... for if you do,... ugliness, junk and low class-ness will fall upon you! no no no... pls do not be low class, this world is full of such people already... :(

soooooooo... continue to read this blog to upgrade your class... if God is willing... bestow a little of michelle-ism in you... Oooooooooo...ahhhh...

very exciting hor?? :)