Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Special Entry dedicated to W300: Part I

Hello everyone!!! Wondering by now who else is still reading michelle-ism.... haha... it is growing spiderwebs all around along with all the nonsense spam in my tagboard.

Sorry for being sooooooooo lazy in updating. I am more of a writer than a blogger in a sense I dun blog about my daily events in my life.

SO, if I can wait like 1 year + for Harry Potter, you can wait a few months for more of my "wisdom".

Well, it is time for a new entry!! (and hopefully more new ones in the near future??)

And what better to update than to update on Christmas Day itself?!?

However this time, this entry is specially dedicated to my dear members in W300, who also are the most faithful readers even when I am not blogging...hee hee.

So if you are not from my CG, probably this entry will not be applicable to you... so stay tuned to my next post on "New Mind, New Man".


My Members (discussed not in any form of order)

1) Elaine

She is a very capable person who makes things happen.

Many times people may think she is a kanchiong spider, but what I personally feel is that she takes things seriously and aspire to give her very best in whatever she does.

AND I believe this is the reason many laid back people (sometimes myself included) will feel threatened by her enthusiasm.

Personally, I feel that she will be a great leader in future and I pray that I'll be the one to help her achieve this dream :)

2) Jiasheng

Man of all Men - Jiasheng aka the "Most Wanted"

He is one of the most underrated person I ever known. Hidden behind this kind and "gentle" looking individual is a sweet, funny (lame) and passionate young man who knows exactly how he feels and what he wants..... esp when he first responded to the altar call.

I knew from then that this young man will give all out for Jesus Christ.

But it had been a quiet (except for one minor hiccup) 2 years for Jiasheng until second half of 2007.

God has spoken to me about getting Jiasheng to do more important things in the CG and I was very excited when I made that phone call to have a chat with him.

He had a great attitude and somehow I felt this time, Jiasheng will make it because he has matured along the years.

From joining the Usher Ministry to helping the CG as an active helper, Jiasheng has always avail himself and volunteer to help in many areas (big or small). Not forgetting that he will always buy drinks for me for almost every cell group meetings and even outings.

Looking forward to see him grow even more in 2008!

3) Yvonne aka Orca Woo PEIWEN

She is still the lamest (or most random in her words) person I ever known. And she got this weird fetish for my chinese name which until now I do not understand why. (Stop influencing the members to write only my chinese name in the tithing envelope!!! >___<)

Well, we knew each other for quite a long time now, and had many ups and downs. Definitely many things changed along the way but I am glad she is still part of my life and a great blessing to me as well. :D

Of cos there are many things in her life I still frown upon but I have learnt to accept her for who she is by now. I know that God has a plan for her, and in due time she will begin to accept her calling and purpose, and by then she will have no choice but to change for the better!!

4) Huiyun aka Japfone or KELLY..hahahhahhhahaha

She is the one who is there for me when I needed help with the CG especially in 2006. I greatly appreciate it as I will have an even tougher time if not for her.

She is a great friend to have once you get to really know her. I enjoyed our photo trips together and all the times when we just hang out and laugh at nonsense things.

I greatly miss those times man... :(

I hope to see major breakthroughs in her life in 2008. :) Jia you!!!

5) Joachim (or self-proclaimed Wolverine...erm..I think Mickey Mouse more suitable la..hahaha)

He is a very lovable boy right from the start I met him. And his laughter is very contagious.

He is very talented in many ways but sometimes failed to see that (or sometimes too bhb.haha)

Overall he is quite well behaved (infront of me) but I do feel that he is not maximising his potential.

Recently I was pleasantly surprised he still remember one of the visions that he used to share with me quite a long time ago. I thought that is well buried underground (by himself) but apparently it is not!! In fact I always believe when God gives you a vision, He won't take it back.

I hope in 2008 he will prove to no one else but God that he is really serious about the calling that God has placed in his hands. Don't let 2008 just pass you by Jo! :)


Another 5 more in days to come. Stay Tuned...................